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Best websites for buying a custom domain

What is a custom domain? If you are not clear with that, read custom domain explained before proceeding further.

A custom domain is, more or less, one of the most important requirements if you want to make blogging a career. It gives your blog a professional look, moreover, a lot of features like google Adsense give your blog somewhat preference if you have your own domain.

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The most important thing I felt as to why a custom domain is required, is that it saves the viewers’ time.

Consider the example of a website named

Would you bother typing this much as a viewer? Now you can argue with a point that a person can always bookmark it, but ask yourself, won’t there be a lot of them not willing to do that?                           

So long story short, a custom domain is very important and it is not a difficult thing to attain, considering a lot of websites are present which give you your very own domain for a very less price.

And you have to choose your domain name wisely, as it should be appealing to the viewers


Here is a list of the best websites you could use to get your custom domain:

1.Go daddy

best custom domains

This is by far the simplest custom domain provider I have come across, giving you a variety of domains starting from as less as 99 INR, if you are in India. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can use a credit card/debit card or even your PayPal account to buy the domain. Go daddy has won a lot of awards and is very trusted by a vast majority of bloggers, so you can always rely on their service.

This is another good domain provider, providing domains starting from 99 INR again,

 the reason I prefer this website is the easy and simplistic interface it provides, plus it accepts a lot of payment options.

If you are residing in India, this is probably the cheapest domain provider for you, starting at 63 INR and still providing offers way better than this, it has become quite an attraction for website domain aspirants.


This is a domain provider having its reputation for providing business class domains, a bit costlier than the others I mentioned, but worth mentioning, again, it all depends on your preference but I thought I should mention it.

 hope the information provided helps you in your online journey, should you have any questions, you can always comment in the section below or mail me at Mukul Sharma

Do let us know should you need any help setting up your custom domain. And please share the article if you liked it.


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