Top 10 ways of detoxing your liver


Liver health is often associated with great health! Of course, the liver breaks down all those super greasy items but, this does not at all imply that you keep dumping all those unhealthy food and the alcoholic drinks on it. Mind you, how good your body figure is, or how awesomely fit you are, is totally determined the liver health.

Holistic sciences suggest that liver cleansing should be done regularly for a super effective liver detox and a great liver health on the whole. Here are 10 superfoods that will help you detox your liver, and help you look healthier and the most fit on the whole!

1) Green Tea

Don’t be disappointed that I mentioned this first! Trust me, nothing works more effective than consuming green tea on a daily basis for that awesome liver detox regime that you intend to follow. It contains essential antioxidants that help you reduce a fatty liver!

2) Garlic

A small garlic bud is enough to rejuvenate the liver with greater strength. Although, of course, you would have to deal with the unpleasant smell!


3) Green vegetables

Prefer having leafy vegetables which help flush out major toxins from the body. Also, they lead to a healthier and glowing skin on the whole. Two birds with a single shot!

4) Lemons

Lemon again! The incredible effect of the Vitamin C helps strengthen your liver and also give a refreshing glow to your outer skin. Plus, the food becomes tastier when you use lemon in it!

5) Turmeric

Super effective in flushing out potential carcinogens consumed in the diet, this is essential in fact, to increase the attractiveness of the recipe thus prepared!

6) Apples

Rich in nutrients that help cleanse the liver, on the whole, the very important pectin in the apples is a high source of simplified liver detox solution.

7) Walnuts

Apart from being highly effective for brain health, these walnuts contain essential omega 3 fatty acids which help in easy detoxing of the liver for better and a healthier body.

8) Grapefruit

Antioxidants and Vitamin C are the driving factors that help in effective detox solutions of the liver.

9) Olive oil

Gives the liver essential oil base and provides enough strength to rejuvenate itself for better performance levels.

10) Carrots

These underground magical solutions contain Glutathione which helps in effective cleansing of the liver for a better health.


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