Logitech K480 overview: a keyboard for all

Logitech K480 overview

The Logitech K480 is an extremely productive, and a must have thing to be added to your inventory, especially if you are someone who needs to type on the go.

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Being a person who is always surrounded with more gadgets than people, I always am in search of things which help me make use of all my gadgets at once, for there are times a lot of them go unnoticed, and when I wake them up after ages, I find them out of juice. My point here is, it’s always good to have something which helps us connect us cross platform.

I work in an IT company, and yet I am not allowed to bring my laptop to work, irony eh? So when I am at work, I sometimes miss my blogging, whenever I get free time, I just regret not having a keyboard along, as I don’t find Typing on my iPad or any other touchscreen that comfortable.

So I was searching for a keyboard lately, which could work well on different platforms seamlessly, and I happened to find this piece of heaven, called Logitech k480.

Though this photo is taken from the internet, but my desk nowadays is not much different, with an iPad plus a mobile device always on the dock like in the photo.

So without wasting any further keystrokes of this amazing gadget, let’s dig deep into it.

Logitech k480

It is basically a ‘multi-device‘ keyboard, as written on the box itself. By multi-device, it means it supports almost anything which has a Bluetooth compatibility. It goes all the way from your laptop to the smartwatch you are wearing. That being said, unlike most of the Bluetooth devices, this just doesn’t connect with one device at a single instance, rather it connects with 3 at a time, and you can easily switch between the 3 with a switch on the top left, productive enough? There’s way more you will find in the article.


Logitech K480 overview: More than a keyboard

No doubts it is primarily a keyboard, but it can be used in more ways than a typical typewriter.

It has dedicated media keys, which means if you have connected any device on which you are playing any media content, and you are typing on the other, you could easily skip a track or close the media just by switching to the relevant device and it all takes a fraction of a second to switch. This means you don’t have to reach your mobile phone to change a song while you are making an article on your iPad, this scenario, by the way, just happened to me, hence the discovery.

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Other than this useful feature, you can utilize the autocorrect/autofill options from your devices, which is not a feature in the traditional laptop keyboard, plus you can actually ‘touch’ the device screen as well, making things super fluid and seamless(press the f3 button and the device keyboard pops up, otherwise the device recognizes this keyboard, and the touch keyboard stays put)

If you have an iPad, you could make use of the split screen to make things even more interesting, and while making this article, I just happened to open my own website and taking a screenshot was just a matter of pressing the second key from the top right row of keys.

logitech K480 overview

There are home, search, recent apps keys provided which work in almost all the devices I tested so far, with somewhat different behaviors in different platforms(apps switch automatically in android devices).

The behavior may be different, but I didn’t come across any button which doesn’t respond, or which doesn’t have a use in any of the platforms I have tested so far, and I have tested this keyboard on android, IOS, and windows as well, so I don’t see any platform issues with this keyboard whatsoever.

You don’t even have to press your device keys to unlock it, that can be done from the keyboard itself, consider being able to unlock your device from a distance, sounds fun right?

Logitech K480 overview: Battery

Now, this is a tricky area, as the keyboard is run by 2 AAA batteries and it would last for 2 YEARS, as claimed by the company. Well for my sake, I would give it a 5 star even if it lasts 2 months, considering I don’t have to charge it every day and it’s just a matter of replacing the batteries when they are exhausted( man I miss the old days).

Logitech K480 overview: Verdict

While I tried to cover a lot of features of this keyboard, and this certainly comes with one flaw or two, with a creaky sound and a considerable weight, this might be a turn-off for some, but if you are looking for a real power packed productive device for your work/entertainment, you could definitely give this one a try.

From my side, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5, with the half star reserved for checking how well it performs over the course of time.

You can purchase the Logitech K480 from the link given down below, it costs not more than 2,000 bucks in India(around $30 outside India).

(Purchase from HERE )

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