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Samsung DeX: An innovation worth or waste?

Creating something new does not always mean creating something successful. But to make something a success, creating it is a prerequisite, and Samsung knows it pretty well. Which brings us to the latest innovation Samsung has made – The Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is a revolutionary concept from Samsung. But again, we never know. The company has been mocked for a lot of concepts it brings to the market, some made it through, while some could not. But Samsung has never hesitated in innovating and improving on it.

The S pen and the super AMOLED display are prime examples. Who could have thought of using an obsolete technology like a stylus and make it work just right?

AMOLED screens are widely popular now, probably one of the best displays in the market run on these.

But then again there have been failures as well. This time again, the company is back with something productive, well, at least it sounds productive. 


The newbie, Samsung DeX, which comes with the latest flagship from Samsung, the S8, is a dock for the device which connects to a monitor and other essential things like a mouse and a keyboard to build up a desktop computer on the go.

And as the device is Android-based, so will be the desktop as well.

Samsung Dex

This concept, however, is not exactly new as even Motorola has tried this in the past and failed miserably. But back then things were different, the hardware, as well as the software, were not as efficient as they are today.

So will things be different for the Samsung DeX? It’s up to time to decide. Currently, there is no knowledge about how far this can work as 3rd party app support is still under question.

image source: Cnet

Till now we have just seen the Samsung apps showing on this and whether it will grow its ecosystem or not, will depend entirely on the response it gets.

Software and development aside, the prime question as of now is, whether someone would actually want to go for this piece of tech or not?

I mean, I could purchase a fully dedicated Chromebook for this price which would be far more productive, and even more portable.

Talking about portability, it leads to one big question, is this really portable? All the other things sure are, but again, they are literally an extra weight in your luggage unless you have a monitor with you, which I do not think is the correct definition of portable.

Samsung Dex cyber villager
image source: Cnet

Therefore, while the concept is indeed very futuristic and unique, there are areas on which Samsung might have to work on if they want this thing to go mainstream. Good range of app support is a must.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty capable device, but this technology should not be limited to just that, as it would be better if it is more affordable. Everyone can not buy an S8 to use it right?

What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comments section down below.


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