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Motorola to release 9 different smartphones in 2017 – C, E, G, X, Z.

Motorola has planned to release a plethora of new smartphones this year in all of its lineups.

The company has given some hints about the smartphones like the Moto C coming with “Unlimited Essentials.”

What these Unlimited Essentials turn out to be, is still in the future. But we can very well expect an altogether great experience for the users to ask the least. We are going to see some unusual returns in the form of the Moto E and the Moto X lineup as well.

According to Motorola, the nine phones expected to be released this year would cover almost everyone – budget buyers to power users.


The phones about to be released would include some of the rather unexpected returns.

Existing Moto lineup

We are looking forward to some of the existing features getting improvements – like the 3D glass from the X

(which promises an ”unlimited perfection”) to the not so popular Moto Mods which showed up in the Moto Z lineup back in 2016.

moto c

When to expect these smartphones to be available in the market?

Other than the Moto C smartphone which is expected to be launched next month, there is no official news about the launch dates of any of these phones, leaving the rumors market hot so to say.

But as soon as we get anything related to the release dates as well as the specifications of any of these smartphones, we would keep you posted.

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Did we miss anything? In case you happen to know anything about the upcoming Motorola smartphones, you can let us all know in the comments section down below.

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