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Android O: Everything you need to know

What is new in Android O?

Google recently launched the second Android O developer preview during the Google I/O. Like the usual trend followed by Google as far as the developer preview iterations of the upcoming Android version are concerned, Google has once again dropped the earlier preview and came up with the new one.

What is new in android O?

What is new in Android O?: Fluid experiences

Fluid experiences is Google’s new way of letting the users enjoy multi-tasking with a streamlined interface. This means there would be lesser stutters and lags, and probably somewhat lesser animations. This is going to take the productivity to a whole new level, as claimed by Google.

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Google has adopted a new machine learning tool: TensorFlow Lite. The new tool would assist the lower power-efficient smartphones to keep up with the today’s power demanding apps and games. The TensorFlow Lite uses techniques like LSTM to improve the user experience.


Additionally, the Android O has got a new framework which will hardware accelerate neural network features, which would facilitate some of the AI components of the smartphone or any other device to operate without having to connect to an online server.

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What is new in android O?: Picture in Picture

The picture in Picture, or the PIP mode, is not a new term in technology. We have already seen this feature on televisions, Youtube and iOS. But it is a fairly welcome feature which is coming natively in the Android O. Playing a Youtube video if you press the home button, a small window would open which would continue playing the video. Again, nothing particularly new, and nothing a third-party app can not do, but having it in the device as a native feature is always amazing isn’t it?

What is new in android O?

What is new in android O?: Smart Text Selection

What is new in android O?

The text selection in Android O is revamped and it now aims to provide total productivity.

It has become smarter now, offering some pretty useful features. If you highlight a text containing a phone number, it will automatically be prompted to be dialed on the top menu options of the highlighted text.

Highlighting an address would allow you to locate it on the map. You can even change the format of the text on the go with the new smart text selection.

What is new in android O?

What is new in android O?: Auto-Fill

This feature is going to be one of the key highlights of Android O. You have to put down the username and password once in the apps, and let Android O learn them.

Android O then remembers your usernames, and if allowed, even passwords, allowing you to quickly jump onto different apps on your device, even cross device.

What is new in android O?

What is new in android O?: Vitals

What is new in android O?

Android O will see a massive battery improvement over the predecessors. The new features will be included under the banner Vitals. Vitals includes some security tools, OS optimizations, and some useful tools for the developers to help create a better app ecosystem which would be less power hungry. Another major announcement in the Google I/O was the Google play Protect, kind of a virus scanner for android. This is going to be a welcome feature which would provide the users with an enhanced security of the apps.

What is new in android O?

What is new in android O?: Notification Dots

What is new in android O?

Again, this could be done earlier also with the help of some custom icons. But now this is all Google at its purest form.

In the latest Android iteration, the users would get to see a small dot on top of their apps which would provide them with active notifications. The user just has to long press on the app icon and not only would the recent notifications show up, but a user would also get a short list of immediate short link actions which can be performed on the go.

What is new in android O?

What is new in android O? Your say

These are some of the features which will come with Android O. Now, at the end, we need a vote from your side. What do you think, should be the ‘O’ in the Android O?



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