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DC Week Comics – (05-31-2017)

Download all the latest DC Week Comics in CBR format for free

Also, check out the latest Marvel Week Comics as well.

The latest Dc Week Comics include a major turn of events in the Gotham Academy. Also, new things unveil in the Supergirl comics as well. Do not miss the action of the DC Universe. All the DC Week Comics are available to be downloaded for free in CBR format.

You may, however, need them in PDF format, if you do, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below.

Also, do share your views about the latest comics set in the discussion.

Should you need any specific comics, use the CONTACT US page and put a request there.

Once again, sorry for the delay in the Raj Comics Set 1 2017. We are trying to do all we can.

DC 11 ( 64.71 % )
Marvel 6 ( 35.29 % )

So without letting you wait any longer, let’s download

 DC Super Hero Girls 01 (2017, Wonder Woman Day Special Edition) – 19.9 MB
Teen Titans Annual – The Lazarus Contract Special  01 (2017) – 51.4 MB
The Flash 023 (2017) – 25.6 MB
Trinity Annual 01 (2017) – 58.9 MB
Wonder Woman 001 (2017, Wonder Woman Day Special Edition) – 26.4 MB
Wonder Woman Annual 01 (2017) – 41.6 MB
DC Comics – Bombshells 097 (2017) – 11.8 MB



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